P3 Sweetener – Sugar Cane Essential (SCE)

We bring you great news on the latest evolution in Natural Sweetener Technology. With the awareness of the harmful effects of white sugar on our health, more and more people are now looking for alternatives.  Dieticians and public health officers recommend that we should AVOID any chemical sweeteners at ALL cost.

We are strongly advised to use natural sugar or learn to adapt the natural sweetness of raw food in its original form.  Many alternative sweeteners are artificial with no food values. More about dangers of sugar here. (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/04/20/sugar-dangers.aspx)

These substitutes trick the body into thinking that the body is consuming something sweet. We may not realised that many of these artificial sweeteners may contain harmful toxic side effects. The best sweetener should be derived or extracted from fruits, herbs, or any types of vegetables. It should be as raw/living as possible, and should not been altered terribly from its original form.  The process of extracting should not be overheated to achieve optimum health. We must always be aware of the effects of any sweetener or food has on the released of insulin in our bodies, as insulin constantly being released causes ageing, weight gain, diabetes and everything that we should avoid.

We now proudly introduce to you P3 SWEETENER with SCE, which is a SUGAR REPLACEMENT PRODUCT that is 100% derived from sugar cane extract i.e. Sugar Cane Essentials (SCE). Prepared under pH 5.5 condition, it is therefore suitable for human consumption having the same level of pH. It is a world First for a Malaysian product that uses Nano Technology to extract SCE from sugar cane. The process dislodges negative carbon from sugar cane component, which is the contributing factor of Chronic Diseases. More about SCE here. (http://m.olx.com.my/item/show/288241982)

Sometimes shortened to “nanotech”, it is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale.  Generally, nanotechnology deals with structures sized between 1 to 100 nanometres in at least one dimension and involves developing materials or devices within that size.  Quantum mechanical effects are very important at this scale, which is in the quantum realm.

Unique feature and benefits of P3 SWEETENER are:
• Can be used as an alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes.
• Can be used to sweeten your hot or cold beverages and adds flavour to your drinks.
• Suitable for cooking, baking, grilling and adds flavour to the food that is grilled or barbecued.
• Can be applied topically on the skin with beneficial effect.
• As a natural sweetener, it is suitable for consumers with chronic health issues especially so for patients suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, HIV, Asthma, Obesity, Heart and Kidney problems, and able to prevent and decrease oxidative stress related to Diabetes while regulating blood and sugar level to a normal and healthy state.
• Saves cost.

The sweetness of P3 SWEETENER is 600 times the sweetness of Sucrose, 2 times of Saccharin and 3.3 times of Aspartame BUT no traces element of them. It is also 2.4 times sweeter than Stevia (Stevia is 250 times sweeter than Sucrose). Furthermore, increased in serving does not have any negative effect but instead will be beneficial to health.

P3 SWEETENER has other following properties:
• Non carcinogenic
• Regulate blood sugar
• Zero glycemic index
• Prevent tooth decay
• Antiseptic
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antioxidant properties
• Antihistaminic

P3 SWEETENER had been tested thoroughly by certified Labs as containing ZERO:
• Calories
• Protein
• Cholesterol
• Aspartame
• Sucrose
• Monosaccharide Carbohydrate
• Saccharine
• Additives

P3 SWEETENER only contains Water (H2O), Oxygen (O2) and SCE. It is 100% natural sweetener, and it is:
NOT Sugar
NOT Stevia
NOT Sucralose
NOT Synthetic Sugar or Chemical Sugar

QUICK TEST for Sceptics and competitive products:
• Sugar attracts ants.
• Ants like Sucralose.
• P3 Sweetener doesn’t attract ants because P3 Sweetener doesn’t contain Sucralose.

P3 SWEETENER had also been certified:
• SIRIM QAS International

P3 SWEETENER is prepared in a 10ml bottle containing about 300 drops of sweetness. ONE (1) drop of P3 SWEETENER is equivalent to ONE (1) tablespoon of sugar or equivalent to THREE (3) teaspoon of sugar. ONE (1) drop is enough to sweeten a cup or a glass of drink.

Retail price is MYR40.00 per 10ml bottle or MYR240.00 per box.
The following packages are offered to those who wanted to join as a Member because it requires registration.
SILVER PACKAGE: Purchase ONE (1) box (6 bottles) of P3 Sweetener for MYR180.00 and you SAVE MYR60.00.
GOLD PACKAGE: Purchase TWO (2) boxes (12 bottles) of P3 SWEETENER for MYR324.00 and you SAVE MYR156.00.
DIAMOND PACKAGE: Purchase FIFTEEN (15) box (90 bottles) of 6 P3 SWEETENER for MYR2,250.00 and you SAVE MYR1,350.00.
PLATINUM PACKAGE: Purchase THIRTY (30) boxes (180 bottles) of P3 SWEETENER for MYR4,140.00 and you SAVE MYR3,060.00.

FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia. Your package(s) will be delivered by Poslaju/Courier within 5 working days after confirmed receiving your payment.

Kindly provide me your details as follows for my purchase records, delivery and to activate your FREE website:-

NAME (as per your IC):=
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and your proposed USER ID (minimum 6 characters):=

You will use your USER ID to access your FREE website for your next orders and manage your Traders.

Interested? Please contact AWANG KAMALUDIN +60193096288 (SMS/Whatsapp) with message code “P3WP“for details!


8 thoughts on “P3 Sweetener – Sugar Cane Essential (SCE)

  1. Saya suspect ia adalah sucrolase. Pemanis yang lebih 2 kali ganda manis drp saccharine. Sucrolase terhasil drp proses pengklorinan gula tebu sucrose yang terdapat dlm dextrose. Badan Pemakanan Dunia meletakkan kategori pemanis sucrolase sebagai CAUTION kerana ketidak cernaan metabolisme oleh tubuh menyebabkan masalah bahan asing yang tidak dapat dikumuhkan oleh tubuh. Teknologi nano yang didakwa itu mungkin daripada penghasilan mangkin bagi tindakbalas pengklorinan.

    1. Terima kasih atas pendapat Dr. Pendapat Dr hanya ‘suspect’ sahaja. Untuk makluman Dr, Pemanis P3 hanya mengandungi Air, Oksigen dan SCE (Sugar Cane Essential). Produk ini telah melalui pensijilan HACCP dan sekiranya ada sucrolase, sudah tentu ianya telah dikesan di dalam makmal yang diiktiraf. Tuan Dr boleh menghubungi ibupejabat P THREE SWEETENER GLOBAL SDN BHD untuk keterangan lanjut.

      1. Pensijilan HACCP itu untuk pengiktirafan tahap kebersihan sesebuah kilang atau tempat pemprosesan. HACCP tidak ada kena mengena dengan ujian kandungan makanan dan tidak dapat menguji kandungan sucralose dalam produk sekiranya ada.

    1. Thanks for enquiring. To become an agent, simply purchase a minimum of 1 box of P3 Sweetener priced RM180.00 + RM10 postage & packaging. Kindly provide me your detailed as stated in this blog.

  2. This is one of the ugly stuff foisted on the market and Malaysians had better beware. It’s wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its real name is Sucralose, aka Splenda, Candys, Go do your research and read about this demonic sweetener. If you want to risk your health, esp that of your loved ones, or worse, be fooled by big pharma, no one can stop you but by the time you realize it, your health may be seriously compromised. Unsuspecting or unwitting sellers – most likely multi-level marketeers – are ever so willing to pull wool over your eyes by saying that it is derived from sugarcane but forgot to add that it has been synthesized in the lab. etc. There have cases of aborted pregnancies, still births resulting from the use of this demon. Here’s a short list of the symptoms:

    “Runny nose, cough, itchy eyes and gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, nausea or bloating may be considered as mild side effects that are related to this sweetener. Still, there are those that are more serious and among them are palpitations, pain in the chest, problems with breathing, wheezing, hives, itching, swelling and other signs of allergic reaction, but what has also been reported includes changes in the mood, anxiety and even depression. Besides this, it is known that sucralose may affect vision and brain and cause blurred vision, migraines and headaches.”

    So, people look before you leap. Do your research!

    1. Hi Sundarex. Thanks for your kind view. I believe you are not a User of P3 Sweetener and being sceptic yourself, I understood that you need some info. P3 Sweetener only contains water, oxygen and SCE where SCE is extracted from black sugarcane using nano technology. In the old traditional days, black sugarcane was used as traditional medicine. P3 Sweetener is NOT SUGAR, NOT STEVIA, NOT SUCRALOSE and NOT SYNTHETIC SUGAR. If you can find traces of Sucralose inside P3 Sweetener, kindly produce such evidence and document it such that it can be reproduce to reverify its (sucralose) existence and bring it to the company P THREE SWEETENER GLOBAL SDN BHD. There are imitations in the market which offered similar claims. However, to save anyone’s time, do this simple test of P3 Sweetener and its competitive products using our common house ants that feed on sugars and observe. That’s a simple test for sucralose and you don’t need an expensive lab to do just that. To do a nano test, put a drop of P3 on your palm. Rub it dry with the tip of your finger. You may lick your finger or palm to have a taste of P3. Then wash your finger and palm thoroughly with soap until you are fully satisfied that you have wash and clean your palm and finger. Wipe your palm and finger dry. Then lick your palm and finger again. The sweetness remains until a few hours even when you sweat. So, people, please do these two simple test on P3 Sweetener and its competitive products.

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